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Whether you are already experienced in the field of quilting or have just started your journey, you will most probably agree that this is a form of creativity with a charm of its own. In this article, we are going to introduce you the best sewing machine for quilting, so that along with other needlework you can get the best out of your quilt-related stitching.

It feels so good being able to present someone with a self-made quilt or have it spread across your bed, knowing that every stitch on it is original and your very own piece of art. Quilts can be passed down generations or even given away in charity.

They are extremely useful and unique in their own way. If you are gifted with the ability to sew then the most important tool in your home must be the best sewing machine for quilting.

Those who have a love for sewing will admit that no matter how skilled they are if they don’t own a sewing machine that does its job well, they lose patience and the enjoyment of sewing goes down the drain.

In order to stitch something well, you will need to enjoy the process, only then you can be sure of the perfect result. The best sewing machine for quilting is one of the most precisely made machines in the world.

A home sewing machine is known and appreciated for its versatility and portability. Most home machines have casings made of plastics and polymers that are light and easy to clean, making them a good convenient tool to own.

But from so many machines out there, which one do you pick? If your primary interest is mostly quilting then we are here to help! Not all machines are made to work on quilts or for heavy stitching.

5 Best Sewing Machine for Quilting

1. Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine

Our first sewing machine on the list is the CS6000i by the brand Brother. This computerized sewing machine is ideal for heavy duty needlework on quilts as well as for other sewing projects. Brother is a well-known name in the sewing industry and they never fail to satisfy customer demands.

best sewing machine for quilting

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Using high-quality materials and modern technology, their sewing machines are built to last and consist of many high-end features. With this machine, you get a wide table that provides enough space to work on larger materials and quilts.

You can feed multiple layers with ease using the walking foot while the spring action quilting foot raises and lowers as it moves over the various fabric heights.

You can choose from 60 built-in stitches and 7 automatic one-step buttonhole stitch styles for all your sewing needs.

Along with quilting, you can also sew beautiful dresses or even change the look of your old clothes by adding new pieces and making your own fashion statement.

Some of the popular stitches for sewing clothes include the overcast, zigzag basting, triple stretch, blind hem and buttonhole stitches.

You will be able to find the right kind of stitch for all kinds of materials, whether you are working with a light, medium or heavy weight fabric.

The LCD touch control panel display allows you to view and select your choice of stitch while the bright lights on the machine give you a well lit working area.

You can save a lot of time and headache with the automatic features, for example; the automatic needle threading and bobbin winding system and the quick-set drop-in bobbin.

Breeze through your work with a sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute, which can also be adjusted to fit your needs.

The built-in free arm sewing surface also lets you work on cuffs and sleeves and other cylindrical items. Along with the machine itself, the box contains a lot of essentials to make the process of sewing and quilting easier.

Accessories included are an oversized table for larger fabrics, hardcover, accessory feet, seam ripper, needle set, cleaning brush, screwdriver, 3 spool caps, spool pin, 3 bobbins, eyelet punch, a quilt guide to guide you through your quilting if you are a first-timer and want precise stitches, a user’s manual and a power cord.

With so many features and accessories, it is no wonder that this model is a popular choice among beginners and advanced sewers alike.


  • A great machine for quilting and other sewing projects
  • Quilting guide to help you stitch evenly
  • 60 built-in stitches and 7 automatic one-step buttonhole stitch styles
  • Oversized table to work comfortably on quilts
  • Well lit work area and LCD display
  • Adjustable sewing speed
  • Easy to use
  • Strong sturdy built yet portable


  • A few users have had problems with the automatic needle threader where it just stopped working after a needle change
  • The machine needs to be cleaned quite often

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2. Singer 7258 100-stitch computerized sewing machine

The Singer 7258 has all the features that you need in order to fulfill almost all sewing projects, be it quilting, adding fancy stitches to fabric, making a row of buttonholes, sewing a zipper or just stitching beautiful pieces of cloths together.

With over 100 stitch patterns and 10 different presser feet, you can create some of the most gorgeous looking items to impress friends and family with.

singer sewing machine

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The automatic needle threader and bobbin winder saves you time and will let you worry less about the complicated things while focusing on your sewing.

The automatic tension control also adjusts the machine’s tension to fit your need which is a great feature for anyone looking for a more hassle-free machine.

With 750 stitches per minute, speed is not really something this model is prized with when compared to other similar sewing machines for quilting but it is still good enough to let you work comfortably with impressive results.

The length and width of each stitch can be adjusted and you can enjoy a clear view of your work under the brightly lit work area.

To ensure that you remove the fabric without damaging it or accidentally pulling on the needle, the needle must be set to stop at its highest position. This can be done using the needle up/down programmable setting.

If you really want to start sewing and quilting on a machine that has all the important traits but not overloaded with features that are hardly ever used, then the Singer 7258 is an ideal model.

You can be sure that this machine won’t let you down in terms of durability and performance and will probably last you for many years to come.

The 25-year limited warranty from the company and the extra essential items that come along with the machine such as bobbins, darning plate, needle plate screwdriver, thread spool caps, dust cover, foot pedal, seam ripper, lint brush, and a power cord complete this valuable package.

A multi-language instruction manual and machine intro DVD also guides you to understand the machine thoroughly.


  • A wide range of stitches and presser feet to choose from.
  • A selection of needle positions to fit your project
  • Automatic needle threader and bobbin winder
  • Well lit working area with LED lighting
  • 6 built-in 1-step buttonholes
  • Display to select the style, width and length of stitch


  • Needs to be cleaned quite often or else it will bird nest quickly.
  • Some users have faced issues with the tension where the decorative stitches didn’t come out well.

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3. Brother XR9500 PRW Limited Edition Sewing Machine

One of the best machines in terms of features and performance, the XR9500PRW is incredibly affordable and a machine which you will be proud to own.

Brother XR9500PRW

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Let us now steal a look at its automatic features which include an automatic needle threader, thread cutter, needle up/down, easy bobbin winding and quick set bobbin (drop-in).

These little things can be complicated and time consuming when you have to manually adjust them. But luckily with this machine, you can keep your mind free of all the stress. And put all your concentration on working with your unique creations.

If you are a quilter you will agree that an extended working table is a blessing. It allows you to work freely on the large fabric and helps keep track on all the sections joined.

With 100 lovely built-in stitches, 8 styles of 1-step auto-size buttonholes and 140 stitch functions.

You will be able to work on any kind of project, while a dynamic speed of 850spm allows you to complete more work and increase your productivity when you have a deadline to meet.

If you are worried about working in a poorly lit room or you have poor eyesight then relax because the large back-lit LCD screen (for computerized stitch selection) and brightly lit LED work area will take off the strain from your eyes.

As for the accessories, this model has a number of them.  Included in the accessory feet are buttonhole, zigzag, zipper, button sewing, overcasting, blindstitch, and monogramming foot.

Whereas an accessory pouch contains the following essentials: needle set, twin needle, ballpoint needle, 3 bobbins, extra spool pin, a screwdriver, seam ripper, cleaning brush, spool pin, power cord and an operation manual. A good quality hard cover to protect your machine is also included.


  • Affordable
  • Large work table, excellent for quilting and large fabrics
  • Alphanumeric font for monogramming
  • Well lit work area with LED lights
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Many useful automatic features that save time and make things easier
  • User friendly


  • The lightweight makes it portable but not sturdy enough for some heavyweight items such as thick denim
  • A few buyers have faced problems with the automatic needle threader and ended up doing it manually.

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4. Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

Ok, the next best sewing machine for quilting in our list is the Janome 2212. What sets this machine apart from the rest is that it is not computerized and has a minimum, but well enough, number of features.

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If you are not really looking for fancy stitches, automatic features and extreme hi-tech options and just want a good, durable and well-performing machine from a reputable company, then look no further.

Even though it is not computerized, which means that you will have to do most of the adjusting and selecting yourself, it is still a good option for a beginner. The reason being that learning to work on such a machine equips.

You with more knowledge on the basics of using a sewing machine and all the standard works. Now let us take a better look at the model we are talking about here.

The Janome 2212 is a mechanical machine that features 12 built-in stitches and a four-step buttonhole. The different stitch styles are displayed on the machine with an easy to use labeled stitch selection dial.

You can lock stitches with the reverse lever and also adjust the stitch length and width (the maximum width is 5mm and length 4 mm) with another simple rotating knob.

The machine can work on most fabrics like cotton, linen, wool, silk, satin, velvet and synthetics.

But avoid the more uncommon types such as leather, suede and extra thick materials. As for quilting, this simple machine will do the job well as it reliable and allows you firm control over your sewing.

Maintenance also requires minimum effort and can keep in great condition by simply cleaning the race hook and feed dogs after each use and wiping the body to remove all dust particles.

Accessories included are Accessory feet (snap on presser feet, multi-purpose foot, zipper, sliding buttonhole and blind hem foot), 3 extra bobbins, screwdriver, seam ripper and a set of spare needles.

Finally, don’t worry about the things you have to do manually because an easy-to-follow guide takes you through all the steps so you will be able to learn your way through the machine in no time.


  • Reliable and durable
  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • All mandatory functions included to give you good results
  • Portable


  • Not entirely noise free
  • Most of the adjustments have to done manually.

5. Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Sewing Machine

The last sewing machine we are reviewing on our list is the Quantum Stylist 9960. This is for the more advanced quilter as well as for a beginner.

This powerful feature-rich machine is capable of performing all kinds of needle work with perfection and speed.

Singer 9960

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The word ‘feature-rich’ does not even justify the number of features and options you get with this gorgeous machine. With 600 stitches (yup, you read that right!) and 13 styles of automatic 1-step button holes, you will also get 5 different fonts.

For all you quilt lovers, with a heavy duty frame and 18 different presser feet, you can now enjoy creating your own fancy quilt on the perfect sized quilting table.

Everything on this machine is practically adjustable, starting from the needle position (25 different positions), to stitch width and length.

Now for you beginners who are probably saying ‘’Hold on there, this is probably too fast for me!’ let us assure you that you can actually customize all the features to suit your liking.

You can even adjust the speed limit and bring down the number of stitches per minute to whatever you are most comfortable with.

Another useful trait is the mirror imaging and elongation function and the digital information advisor which is basically the LCD screen which tells you which presser foot to use from the 18 included, for your desired stitch.

Of course, you will also be selecting the stitch style, width and length from the display itself. Tension is automatically controlled and the needle can also be automatically threaded if you are not interested in doing it manually.

Accessories include: a set of needles, bobbins (Class 15), seam ripper, lint brush, auxiliary spool pin, spool pin felt, 2 screwdrivers, 2 spool caps, seam guide, quilting bar, clearance plate, shank for presser feet.

This fast, smart and stylish model has an interior metal frame for extra durability and stability and you can enjoy working on both heavy duty materials as well as on delicate lightweight fabrics.


  • An impressive number of stitches (600)
  • Automatic features such as needle threader and thread cutter
  • Speed control for beginners
  • Customized settings for your preference
  • A good sized extension table
  • Durable
  • 18 presser feet included as well as other useful extras


  • Cannot use the quilting bar with the walking foot
  • No quilting tray included
  • A little expensive compared to other sewing machines of the same style

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Best Sewing Machine Buying Guide

Buying the best sewing machine for quilting is a great investment, but only if you can pick the right one for you and your budget. Of course, we have shown you a good list of the models you can get but there are various other factors to take into consideration before making a final purchase.

Let us look at some of the main things to look out for, so you know your sewing machine will serve you efficiently and be a part of your stitching experience for years to come.

Ease of use:

Even the most skilled quilter will be glad to own a machine that makes things easier. When the machine is easy to use, you can relax and enjoy your time working on it because it will let you concentrate on the stitching and not worry about other things.

Complicated machines may seem like they design to perform better when in reality you might just end up confused and spoil your quilt, especially if you are still a learner. Choose a machine that has a smart table design and simple operating features.

Maintenance is also a factor to keep in mind. If you are a beginner, you would probably want to spend most of your time learning and improve your skills rather than maintain the tool. Opt for easy to clean and easy to maintain sewing machines.


The best sewing machine for quilting has speed control options so you can adjust the speed to your liking. Remember that quilting takes time so you wouldn’t want a slow working machine that will just drag you down even further.

Also, once you get the hang of quilting you will notice that the faster the speed, the more precise the stitches look. Having said that, you don’t want something that is faster than what you can handle.

You can adjust the speed (stitches per minute) to exactly what you are most comfortable to begin with and then go a little faster.


If you know you are on the lookout for the best sewing machine for quilting and you have no interest in any other needlework whatsoever, then all you got to do is pick a machine that design to perform just one task.

But chances are that even though you enjoy making quilts, you would also like to work on other stitching projects, right? This is where versatility comes in handy.

Many sewing machines that primarily design for quilts can also perform other garment needlework.

You just have to go through their features and see what all they are capable of stitching. Basically, this depends on what kind of work you want to take on.


Machines that design to work on quilts are usually sturdy and built to handle heavy fabrics. If the machine is not of a strong built then it will not able to go the extra mile and end up causing you disappointment.

If you quilt every day then this is a major factor to consider because cheaply made sewing machines will not hold up against daily wear and tear.

The good news is that most companies offer a warranty and the longer the warranty the more assurance you get of the machine not letting you down. If it does still show problems then at least you know the warranty will come to good use.


When it comes to sewing machines, you need to stick to reputable names. Brands that have earned a good name in the business can guarantee reliable products.

Some brands may not be popular but have been around for years and have a respectable amount of satisfied customer base; these companies will also offer you best sewing machine for quilting.

If you are really looking for quality over price then it will be a good idea to select a brand that other customers trust the most.

Customer service is also crucial here, some manufacturers make amazing products but do not really care much for customer service so you need to look for companies that are always ready to help when you contact them.


This goes hand in hand with what we just discussed about brands. Good brands that have been around for years usually offer a great deal on their warranties.

You must dig into all the information and find out exactly what kind of warranty they offer, the period of the warranty and what all it covers, before purchasing your machine.

It is very important to ask about a machine’s warranty information beforehand. If you end up with a machine that does not bear any sort of warranty then it may just result in you spending double on getting it fixed.


Gone are the days when sewing machines had to be huge and bulky. Home sewing machines today are compact in size and light in weight. They are still sturdy enough to handle heavy workload while not being oversized.

If you need to carry your machine from place to place or transfer it somewhere, then you will need a machine that is just the right size to move around.

The best sewing machine for quilting that we have included in our list is all movable and very easy to carry.


Since we are talking about best sewing machines that are great for quilting, we have to bear in mind how much space a quilt takes.

You will need to spread out your quilt every now and then to see how all the joining of the different pieces are turning out, so having a wide workspace is a blessing.

If you have a large area dedicated just for sewing and can place your machine on a table then the amount of workspace on the machine or an extension table may not be necessary.

Although it’s a good thing if your machine has enough workspace for times when you are sewing away from home.


Specifically, best sewing machine for quilting will normally carry a similar price tag to a machine which built for other stitching purposes. The brand name and special features will determine the price usually.

If you are just a beginner and need a machine to start practicing on, then you can opt for something more affordable although a high-quality machine will last longer, perform better and used even when you have reached a more advanced level of sewing.


The machines discussed today are not just mere sewing machines. They can do much more than just take care of your needlework.

These machines have some amazing features, the right set of components and useful accessories. Having added features make your sewing time more pleasurable and effective.

Some features are excellent time savers, while some offer a unique touch to your sewing. Computerized machine design to work smartly and have many pre-programmed features. All these options add more value to a machine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which machines are best for beginners?

All the machines mentioned in our list are great for beginners and even for those who have been stitching for years. You can adjust the speed to whatever you are most comfortable with and gradually increase once you get the hang of it.

Are these machines strong enough to sew jeans?

Sewing machines designed for quilting are much stronger and can handle the heavier load than other simple sewing machines. You can sew through denim but if you are going to go through an existing seam then you might face difficulties.

You will have to be careful not to put more pressure than what comes easily on the machine.

What are the different types of quilting sewing machines?

Sewing machines that focus on quilting are not very different from your typical sewing machines. They can perform a number of sewing tasks and equip with many fantastic features. You can sew using a number of different styles of stitches and create your own unique piece.

These assist not only in quilting but in various other stitching projects. Some quilting sewing machines also come with embroidery options. You can basically control everything and modify patterns in ways that please you the most.

What are the benefits of a good quilting sewing machine?

Good quilting machines allow a great deal of customization. They give you the option of adjusting the speed (number of stitches per minute), stitching width, space between each stitch and also a number of built-in stitches to choose from. Good quilting machine not too complicated and great for newbies too.


With the best sewing machine at home and some basic skills, you can easily work on your talent and put it to great use. Whether you want to make quilts or other standard sewing projects for your own use or wrap them up as gifts for loved ones, you can be sure that you will be able to add your own personal touch to every item that you sew.

Once you have reached an advanced level of sewing, you can even sell your work and make good money. You can donate your quilts for charity and help the society too. The number of things you can do by just owning a good sewing machine is endless.

The machines that we have included in our list are more or else similar while having their own special features. Look out for those extra features that make your machine stand out from the rest.

Having many built-in stitches, different styles of button-holes, auto needle threader, and a quilting table are some of the features that will make the sewing process easier and fun.

The prices of these machines are also considerably low when compared to other high-end sewing machines in the market. But they are no less when it comes to efficiency or quality. You can now compare and see which one will work best for you and for your budget.

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