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The art of embroidery has been around for centuries and can be considered as one of the most unique crafts of decorating fabric. Mastering this art not only lets you create beautiful designs on your cloths but can also serve as a great way to earn money. Today you are going to read our complete best embroidery machine reviews.

Embroidery immediately increases the value of any fabric and sells at a much higher price. The precise designs and on point stitching reflects the hard work and dedication by the person responsible for creating such beautiful work, thus attracting appreciation and raising its demand.

If you are skilled in this field or you wish to learn this amazing work, you must first invest in a best embroidery machine. Now before you think that you are not ready to splash out on a huge sum, you will be happy to know that many great companies today manufacture best embroidery machine that are equipped with amazing features but come at affordable prices.

These machines are great for home-use, as well as for business, and you can use them as a newbie or even if you stitch at an advanced level.  We decided to do a little bit of research and came up with the top 5 best embroidery machine in the market today.

As there are many brands and models available, we have chosen our products based on customer reviews, features and best value for money. Let us look at the top 5 best embroidery machines that you can order today and create your own master-pieces.

Top 5 Best Embroidery Machine Reviews

1. Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine with built-in memory

When in doubt, you cannot go wrong with best embroidery machine manufactured by Brother. Brother is one of the most renowned companies in the industry and they pay a great deal of attention to customer needs. If you are looking for an embroidery machine with a wide range of features and functions, then the PE770 fits right into that category.

best embroidery machineCheck Price On Amazon

With 136 built-in embroidery designs and 6 lettering fonts, you can create some of the most beautiful patterns possible. If you wish to use your own design you can do so simply by importing an unlimited number of designs from your USB memory stick.

Enjoy creating your own texts or designs on your computer and have them transferred on to your fabric.  Furthermore, the built-in memory can even store your custom edited designs for future use. Another attractive feature is the built-in LCD touch screen on which you can see your designs and the selection of stitches before you start stitching.

If you want to add on to your collection of designs you may purchase a Brother embroidery card separately and use it in the built-in embroidery card slot. Threading can be time-consuming if a machine does not have an automatic needle threader.

Luckily with this machine you just have to follow the numbered threading diagram printed on the machine and the thread will be pushed right through the eye of the needle. Simple as that! You can save even more time with the auto thread trimmer that basically cuts the upper and lower threads for you with just a touch of a button.

With so many options and pre-programmed features, you can concentrate fully on decorating your fabric while the machine takes care of all the technical stuff.  The accessory bag comes with little essentials such as seam ripper, needle set, cleaning brush, screwdrivers, spool caps, scissors and bobbins along with a large selection of 11 sewing feet and a hard carrying case to keep your valuable machine out of harm’s way.

The machine itself is fairly big so you can expect a good amount of working space, allowing you to stitch designs up to 5×7 inches. This is great for embroidering on large areas such as on the squares of quilts, table cloths and bed covers.  You get all this for an affordable price plus a 25 year warranty from the company.


  • Easy to use. The user manual explains each of the functions well.
  • Bright lights to work under
  • Portable despite the large work area
  • USB support
  • Beautiful built-in designs- to make start-off easy for beginners
  • LCD display to see and edit designs and select stitches
  • Automatic needle threader and thread trimmer
  • Affordable price


  • Some users have faced issues with the automatic needle threader and had to manually thread
  • The display is not that large, so the icons are not that big. This can be a problem to those with poor eyesight.
  • This is a full-on embroidery machine. It is not designed for other sewing purposes. (not really a con but it is something to consider if you are in need of a more versatile machine)

2. Singer Futura XL400 Portable Sewing & Embroidery Design Machine

Singer is another well reputed name in the business. They are not known only as the leading seller of sewing/embroidery machines, but the manufacturer of many other highly used electronics. We cannot ignore the fact that they produced the world’s first portable machine, the first zigzag machine and the first computer-controlled machine. Impressive, isn’t it?

Check Price On Amazon

The model we have decided to review is the Futura XL400. It is a versatile 2 in 1 machine where you can sew as well as embroider. This is a great deal for those who do a lot of other needlework along with embroidery.

We are going to begin by mentioning something that you would not expect from a model that is run by all other modern technologies and is equipped with some amazing features. As great as this machine is, it does not have an LCD display. Having said that, you can still connect it to your computer and then go about your business.

Other than that little drawback, this model has some pretty good features. The extra large hoop size and the multi-hoop capabilities on this machine clearly stand out as its most complimented feature.

It allows you to create large designs for your needs, so if you do a lot of work on table cloths or cushion covers and other large items, this will make things a lot easier for you. You can edit and customize the designs on your computer screen and have them transferred on to your fabric via a USB or you can simply choose from the built-in 125 embroidery designs.

With the bright LED lights, you can even enjoy uninterrupted sewing while working in a dark room, eliminating the strain caused on the eyes by poor lit conditions. With the arm length of 210mm to the right of the needle, you get a good amount of working space to work on quilts and bed covers, even though it is not a very large machine and is quite easy to carry around.

You get 30 built-in stitches which is not exactly a huge selection but it is good enough for most. The automatic needle threader saves a lot of time and you can adjust the sewing speed to suit your fabric and skills.


  • Can be used for sewing and embroidery work
  • Large hoop size
  • Good features and extras
  • Bright lights make viewing your work much easier
  • Automatic needle threader and sewing speed control
  • Decent amount of work space
  • Affordable


  • No LCD display. This machine needs to be connected to a computer to work on embroidery designs
  • A few customers have mentioned this particular model of not being user friendly, especially in the embroidery department.
  • Not a very wide selection of built-in stitches.

3. Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Most combination sewing machines do not really fulfill both tasks of sewing and
embroidering with 100% efficiency. You might be satisfied with how the machine lets you
sew but the embroidery part may be a letdown or vice versa.

Brother SE400Check Price On Amazon

The good news is that this model from Brother offers the best of both worlds. With 67 built in stitches, 70 built in designs and 5 lettering fonts, you can sew, embroider and even quilt to your heart’s content.

You can create patterns and items of your choice in the most simple and fun manner. This smart looking machine is fully computerized and can be updated so it is always equipped with the latest software.

While you also get to import designs from your computer or other embroidery sites using the USB port (included). The back-lit LCD display featuring a touch screen is where you can view and select/edit your designs, stitches and fonts and basically all other features.

Since this is where you can view all the works, it is particularly helpful to beginners who need to know and be able to see what they are working on. If you don’t want to leave finger prints on the display, you can use the tap pen that comes along with the machine.

The well lit work area lets you witness and admire your stitching or embroidering been placed beautifully on to the fabrics. To make things quicker, it also has an automatic needle threader and a thread cutter.

The accessory feet includes overcasting foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, button fitting foot, blind stitch foot, monogramming foot and embroidery foot. You also get an accessory bag that includes all the essentials like a seam ripper, needle set, cleaning brush, screwdrivers, spool caps, scissors and bobbins.


• A clear backlit LCD display to view and select all included features and options.
Tutorials can also be seen through this display.
• Includes 8 presser feet with snap-on mounting
• Great for sewing, quilting and embroidering
• A variety of stitches and designs to choose from
• Choose designs from embroidery sites and keep your machine updated


• All the information on the display screen can be over whelming and scrolling
through many pages may seem like a hassle
• Few reports of needle breaks
• Some were not happy with the quality of the monograms

4. Brother PE540D Embroidery Machine

This embroidery only machine is as cute as it gets. It is an excellent machine for beginners, especially if you want to introduce your child to embroidering. Having said that, it is still a machine manufactured by Brother, so you can be sure of a lot of features, good performance, and quality.

Check Price On Amazon

The only reason we mentioned this to be a great machine for beginners is that of its user friendly features which we have to agree is something we all look for, beginner or not. Another thing that makes it a hit among young users is the collection of built-in Disney designs, along with other 125 built-in decorative designs and 6 different fonts.

As it is a small light weight machine, it can be carried around easily but the hoop size of 4×4 inches can be quite less for some users. However, it is definitely good enough for home use and surely worth your money.

The backlit touch screen LCD display allows you to choose and edit your designs and select your options. As with most computerized machines, you can also connect it to your computer and import designs and have them stored in the devices internal memory. Having the option of updating your machine’s software lets you enjoy the latest versions and improved performances.

As mentioned earlier, children or even those interested in working with Disney characters will find the built-in Disney designs a fun and innovative way to embroider. The instructions are extremely helpful and come with a lot of diagrams to help you understand and learn better and faster.

Extra supplies include 4 bobbins, with 3 of the bobbins pre-wound with embroidery bobbin thread, 3-piece needle set, disk-shaped screwdriver, large screwdriver, 4 spool caps, spool net, scissors, and seam ripper. You can keep your machine clean with the cleaning brush and dust cover that comes along too.


  • Affordable
  • User-friendly, great for beginners and children with many easy, safe and fun features
  • Automatic needle threader
  • USB port to import designs
  • Smart Color LCD touch screen display, allowing you to view all your selected designs in full color. This, along with the colorful pictures on the machine’s body makes this a vibrant looking tool.
  • A good number of built-in designs and stitches to choose from.


  • Not a very fast working machine with approx 400 stitches per minute
  • Small hoop size

5. Brother LB-6800 PRW Project Runway Computerized Embroidery & Sewing Machine

The Brother LB-6800PRW is quite similar to the SE400, having most of the dynamic features and great efficiency in the performance that you would find in most sewing machines from Brother.

Check Price On Amazon

This limited edition computerized sewing and embroidery machine can be used to sew, quilt and embroider, making it a fantastic all-in –one machine. You can choose from 67 built-in stitches, ranging from utility, quilting, heirloom and decorative stitches, as well as 70 built-in embroidery designs such as holiday, floral, animal and kids’ designs.  It doesn’t end there, as it also comes along with 120 built-in frame patterns and 5 built-in fonts.

You can choose designs from your PC or other embroidery sites and have them imported on to your area of work using the USB cable that is included or use it to download the latest software and make sure that your machine is always up to date.

The LCD, easy to use touch-screen display offers a number of features such as selecting and editing your designs, choosing your preferred style of stitch and even viewing the built-in tutorials. The extra that makes this a unique purchase is the stylish Project Runway rolling bag that comes along, to keep your machine protected and take it with you while traveling.

With so many options, this little machine is designed to deliver exactly the kind of results one would expect from other high-end sewing/embroidery machines.


  • User friendly
  • Affordable
  • Good sewing speed
  • Good performance
  • Nice informative display
  • Computer connectivity


  • Hoop size could have been bigger, a problem for those working on larger areas.
  • Needles have been reported to break during embroidery

Benefits of Owning an Embroidery Machine

In the olden days, people spent countless hours and days on one piece of fabric, as they embroidered by hand. Today we are so lucky to have machines to do all the work for us. Yes, hand stitched designs are still in fashion but with an increase in demand and with a shortage of time, using an embroidery machine is probably the best option.

You don’t even have to be highly skilled to use one. Whether you are just a beginner, or a professional, whether you want to embroider for personal use or sell your items, owning an embroidery machine is a good investment.

The perk of living in the modern world is how everything is made easy and you too can now take your passion of stitching to a whole new level. Computerized embroidery machines use patterns digitized with embroidery software, letting you create the perfect designs with hardly any errors.

Some of the world’s top fashion designers use embroidery on their outfits to make them even more appealing and different; these outfits are showed off at runways and then bought by thousands worldwide. If you want to step into the arty world of embroidery then investing in a good embroidery machine will be a great idea.

Best Embroidery Machine Buying Guide

Picking out the best embroidery machine can seem like a difficult task to many. With so many choices out there, choosing just one out of the lot is not easy, we know. But our little buying guide might just help you decide. We suggest that you consider the following things before making your purchase.

  1. Sewing and embroidery? Or only embroidery?

Do you wish to focus only on embroidery or do you want to take on other sewing projects as well? Do you already have a machine that you sew on? A lot of people have basic sewing machines which they have maybe bought earlier but now they want to try out embroidery, or maybe they are planning to replace an old machine with a new one.

Whatever the case, you have to decide what you want to work on first. If you think that you want to dedicate yourself just to embroidery and enhance your skills then you need a machine that specializes only on that. But if you feel the need to do other needlework then there are many good combination machines available.

The machines that we have included in our list offer much more than just embroidery. Although they are programmed for embroidery, you can also take care of other sewing business with them.

  1. Personal use or for business?

The good thing about good quality home sewing machines is that even though they are meant for home-use, they do not lack behind in efficiency or high-end features. You will still be able to get the results you are aiming for without having to spend thousands of dollars on expensive professional machines.

The only concern here is how much will you be sewing? And how fast will you need to sew? Sewing machines built for homes are sturdy and well built but they are not completely heavy-duty and should not be used for mass production. Machines built for professional use can handle more work but are considerably expensive.

  1. Budget

It is natural to think that good quality machines come with hefty price tags. Well, not all the time. As you can see from our list, machines available today are affordable without compromising on quality.

However, we are not telling you to opt for any random sewing machine in that market. Because many products will promise to serve you well but in reality. They might just turn out to be made of cheap quality materials and complicated features.

At the same time, you wouldn’t want to spend a large sum of money on a machine either because some may only be rip offs. This is a good time to read customer reviews and decide on your budget.

  1. Should I stick to brands?

This is something you must consider if you want a machine that offers good value for the money. You might be lucky and get a good product from a lesser known brand but the chances of that happening is not high.

You should not take any risks with embroidery machines and just stick to the good old names out there. There are a couple of names in the market that have earned good reputation among users, such as Brother and Singer, just to name two, these continue to manufacture great machines and will be great picks for you.

  1. Accessories and special features

Who doesn’t like extras? Don’t we all look forward to all the extra stuff we get when purchasing a product? Yes, some accessories may not be all that useful and will probably be kept away, but most of the sewing machines these days come with accessories. That is meant to make your sewing experience easier and maybe a little bit more fun.

A good carrying case is a great accessory to have; it not only protects your machine but also looks good when carrying it around. Multiple hoop capabilities will give you the option to create whichever size of designs you like.

Some good features include a variety of built-in stitches, LED lights, embroidery designs to choose from, extra sewing space and USB support in computerized embroidery sewing machines. These are great, especially for beginners. Need a boost to get started on their first project.

  1. Ease of use

Even though computerized machines means to take care of most of the work. Its make things easy for you. It is possible to get confused with all the features and different options. Good sewing machines have many high-end features. They are programmed in such a way that even beginners are able to understand them.

The instruction manual that comes along must have clear instructions and steps for the users to follow. Cheaply made machines will display a row of complicated things but fail to deliver good results.

  1. Warranty

Good brands are not afraid to offer long-term warranties. Their products are reliable and built to last. If you are going to invest in something, then you need an assurance that you are putting your money to good use.

The warranty also needs to come with good customer service because sometimes a company will offer you a warranty. But when the time comes for them to respond to a complaint, they don’t pay much attention. You must always deal with names that are known to assist and take necessary steps to help you out.

  1. Customer Feedback

Finally, we will ask you to dig into the reviews of customers. You can learn a lot from these reviews as they are totally unbiased and will give you a clear view of what to expect and what not to expect from the product you wish to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does ‘multi-hoop’ capability mean?

Best Embroidery machines come with a standard hoop measurement. Computerized machines offer multiple hoop capabilities.  That programmed to allow you to create designs larger than the standard size. This software makes it possible to create designs on tablecloths, bed sheets and other fabrics with larger surfaces.

Is it possible to embroider multiple lines of texts?

Yes. As long as your design fits the frame, you can embroider more than one line of text, just move to the next line when the need arises. Re-hooping will require if your texts are too large.

Can I create my own designs or will I be limited to the embroidery designs included?

The embroidery designs included in most high-end embroidery machines are there just to help you start off. Beginners find this a great and enjoyable way to start on projects. While working their way into creating their own personal designs. You can choose to ignore this option and make your own designs. Computerized machines allow you to form designs the way you would on your computer at home.

Basic tips on how to use the embroidery machine for best results

  1. Flatten the fabric

Those who are skilled at embroidery today he will probably agree that there were times when their design didn’t fall on the right place or they damaged the fabric by not flattening it properly. You must place your fabric accurately and spread it out nicely for the design to come out well.

  1. Area of work

It is wise to first try out samples to get a better idea of your machine’s embroidering area. Use both of your hands to hold your fabric and check out the points of embroidery during the first few uses.

Once you get used to how your machine works. You will be able to get your desired size of design and pattern.

  1. Get to know your machine

We know you will be excited and would want to start using your new machine right away. But you must take some time and find out about all its features and how they work first. Gain enough knowledge to save yourself. If something goes wrong or you get stuck during use.

Read through the manual even if you are familiar with embroidery machines. Because each model works differently and has different features. You will find handling the machine easy once you have checked out everything.


Many think of embroidery as something their grandmothers or aunts would do. A lot of us have memories of our older family members. They spending hours on stitching beautiful designs by hand on fabrics. They presenting us with their self-embroidered cloths for our birthdays.

Those items will always be special because of the effort and time spent on them. But today we hardly have the time or even the patience to stitch using our hands. Yet our love for embroidery has not vanished.

Even today we love to see fabrics that are decorated with personalized patterns, or have our names embroidered on them. This is where the embroidery machine comes in. It makes all that needlework seems easy and lets us enjoy the art of embroidery.

It is also used to make a living out of because embroidered fabrics are always in demand. Anyone can earn a lot of money by selling their items. Embroidery can be done on dresses, table-cloths, cushion covers, bed covers, curtains and much more.

If you share the passion for embroidery and dream of making your own designs then we suggest you pick out a machine and follow your dream. We hope you found this article helpful and can now easily choose the best embroidery machine for yourself.

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